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At POP Telecom, we know that if you’re managing a property, you need a broadband service you can fully depend on. Whether you’re the landlord of properties with multiple occupancy, short stay lettings or shared housing, our landlord broadband offers a tailor-made solution to fit your needs.


We understand that being a landlord is a big responsibility, so we’ve designed stress-free broadband and phone deals to assist. With full support from our UK-based customer service team, you’ll never be on your own if anything goes wrong.


Don’t settle for second best


Have you got the best deal available for phone and broadband? Our team at POP Telecom has thoroughly researched the market to ensure we deliver a broadband and phone package that encompasses unrivalled service with competitive pricing. When you’re supplying accommodation with network services, its essential that you have a communications provider you can rely on. Our broadband and phone package for landlords has been carefully crafted with your needs in mind. Dependable, well supported and cost effective, if you’re searching for exceptional broadband and phone deals designed for landlords, you’ve found an ideal place to start.


We know that every landlord wants to supply the best internet and phone service possible for their tenants, and that’s why we’ve developed a broadband and phone deal that’s second to none. With more than 20 years’ experience in telecoms and broadband, POP Telecom is one of the fastest growing broadband providers in the UK. It’s our mission to supply landlords with the tools they need to offer their tenants a full complement of reliable network services.


Meeting demands


When you’re supplying network services to multiple tenants, there can be considerable demand on your broadband. That’s why our broadband delivers unlimited downloads and optimum speeds to keep your service running smoothly and cope with the heavy demand. Specially developed with security in mind, our network also has measures in place to protect you and your tenants from unwanted attacks. This means that the occupants of your properties can feel safe in the knowledge that their personal details will remain private.


POP Telecom’s bespoke deals for landlords benefit from a special money saving tariff. Every 12 months, this special payment package gives landlords a one month break in line rental and service costs. Our landline phone options for landlords offer a selection of different bundles, giving you flexibility when picking the call rates you require for your tenants. Both our phone and broadband deals benefit from prices fixed for the duration of the contracts, so you can plan your finances accurately.


Our expert team offers comprehensive service support that’s always hassle free, so you’ll be well covered if any unexpected problems arise. Fully managed, our internet services are also highly convenient, saving you valuable time.


Experience and expertise


At POP Telecom, our expertise lies in providing simple and reliable services for our customers, offering them a clear understanding of all the benefits of our broadband solutions. Our broadband service delivers a strong and secure network that currently covers 94% of the UK’s population.


For more information on our broadband and phone packages for landlords, and to find out how we can assist, contact our sales team today and make your move to a better tariff. Get your tenants connected to a broadband network with full service you can rely on, because satisfied tenants that feel safe are what every landlord is looking for.

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