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Terms and Conditions - Big Broadband Warehouse

Big Broadband Warehouse Terms and Conditions for the provision of All Line Types, All Call Services, All Call Types, All Data Services.

These terms and conditions govern the services provided to you by Big Broadband Warehouse (trading as Big Broadband Warehouse), PO Box 3214, Romford, RM3 3DJ.


Your Legal Rights

These Conditions do not affect your rights under law. These Conditions also include certain limitations and exclusions of our liability to you. If you require any assistance or advice regarding these terms, we suggest you contact your local branch of the citizens’ advice bureau.


1.     Eligibility

The Services are for business or consumer use but different charges will apply.

To place any Order you must be at least eighteen (18) years old and you agree that the details that you provide to us on your Order shall be true, accurate and complete.

Our Service(s) may not be available to a small number of customers in certain circumstances. We will tell you if this applies to you.

On receipt of your application for the services, we will make an application to your previous provider to switch your chosen telephone services to Big Broadband Warehouse, or to your current broadband provider to switch your broadband service to Big Broadband Warehouse. Either way if your previous provider is able to validate your application then we will notify you in writing of the estimated activation date for your service with Big Broadband Warehouse. Normally this takes around 10 working days from the date when the order is accepted provided you have an existing compatible BT line, if you opt for an installation type order then we will not always notify your previous provider and this is your responsibility.

If for any reason BT or such is unable to move your service to Big Broadband Warehouse, we will contact you.

If you require a new line to be set up, and we agree to do this for you, your Big Broadband Warehouse service will normally take approximately 4 weeks to be activated from the date you place your order with us and it is your responsibility to contact your previous provider if you currently have one.


2.     Connection Fees and New Line Fees

When you connect to our network you will usually be charged a connection fee or if it is a new line then you will usually be charged an installation fee . These fees are levied in addition to any other charges which may be due under any other term of these Conditions and it arises primarily from charges which are levied on us. Accordingly, we must reserve the right to pass on some or all of these charges to you and if appropriate to charge you for any additional related expenses we may incur in relation to your connection/install. These fees will usually be charged at the point of connection to the relevant service. The connection fee will be charged in accordance with our price list as published on our Website on the day you order the Services.  Connection fees and router delivery fees are non refundable.


3.     Transferring a Service

We will try to give you the same set of service features that you received from your previous telephone provider. However you accept that this may not be possible in some limited circumstances. Furthermore, since the service features will not always be automatically retained on transfer to Big Broadband Warehouse, we can only provide you with those service features which you specifically selected when signing up to our Service unless these automatically transfer from your previous supplier.

If, immediately prior to receiving the Services from us, you were a customer of BT, some calls (such as premium rate services) that appear on your Big Broadband Warehouse bill may involve additional call charges. We will charge you for these at our rates as set out in our list of Charges (as amended from time to time).


4.     Your Previous Provider

You may have existing contracts for services (e.g. line rental, or calls, or broadband) with your old service providers, which have minimum service periods in them. You are responsible for checking any such contracts and for paying any ongoing or termination charges to your old service provider. You will have to pay any such charges in addition to our charges. It is your responsibility to ensure you inform your old provider of your new service with us and Big Broadband Warehouse will not be held liable for any charges you incur from your previous provider by doing this.


5.     Call Set up Charge

All calls will have a set up charge which varies according to the type of call. Details of our call set up Charges are published on our website or you can contact our customer service department, the number is available on any of your telephone bills from us.


6.     Inclusive Call Allowances

Big Broadband Warehouse offers a range of UK Call plans including Weekend Minutes, Evening and Weekend Minutes and Anytime Minutes. Numbers included in your plan will be discussed and agreed with you before the commencement of your contract and are also available on your welcome letter from us. Inclusive calls to UK numbers means calls up to 59 minutes. For any call longer than 59 minutes you will be charged at normal standard rates. If you wish to avoid these charges you can replace the handset and re-dial before the fifty ninth (59) minute threshold is reached. Inclusive calls only cover UK Mainland and Northern Ireland beginning 01, 02, & 03. All call plans are subject to a fair usage policy which can be found on our website, this will also be confirmed on your welcome letter from us or you can contact our customer service department, the number is available on any of your telephone bills from us.


7.     Chargeable Numbers

You accept that you may not always get through to all international destinations or other non-standard call types and that we may also require you to pay a deposit or impose a Credit Limit before we allow you to use International Access or other non-standard numbers. Even if we have imposed a Credit Limit, you will be responsible for any call charges you incur in excess of that limit because of delays in our billing system. If you have a bar for certain numbers, whether requested or not you accept that this bar is not guaranteed and you are still responsible for the charges incurred if these calls are made.


8.     Call Charges

Charges for calls you make using any Service will be calculated using details logged and recorded by us. Calls are charged based on the rate applicable when the call was initiated. Calls will be charged and inclusive allowances deducted in one minute increments (with any part minutes rounded up to the nearest minute) individual charges will then be rounded up to the nearest whole penny. In addition, and notwithstanding the preceding sentence, there is a per call connection charge and the details of these call connection charges appear in our price list which is available on our Website. The call connection charges will include without limitation, any calls made as part of a 'calling circle' but do not include any Mobile Service calls for which there is minimum charge per call (the details of which appear in our price list available on our Website).

You should also be aware that we may allocate Call Data Records ("CDR's") which have been received late, whether from other Network Operators or otherwise, into the bill for your current Billing Period. Further details of late arriving CDR's are available from Customer Services.

If your Tariff Plan includes 'inclusive' minutes, which apply to all call types up to a monthly limit, unused inclusive call minutes cannot be carried forward from one month to the next. In this context "monthly" or "month" means your monthly Billing Period, which may not equate to a calendar month.


9.     Changing Our Charges

We shall be entitled to amend our Charges or change the Tariff Plan you are on from time to time and we will notify you of such changes by making the amended list of Charges available on our Website. If Charges are decreased this will be reflected in your next bill. Should we increase the Charges we shall provide you with thirty (30) days notice of such increase and the increase will take effect from the end of that period. Any changes that may apply to VAT charges from time to time, which may result in an increase or decrease in your Tariff Plan Charges, will not be regarded as a price increase.

We can give written notice of an increase in a Price Plan Charge in line with the Retail Price Index (RPI) published by the Office for National Statistics (calculated using the most recently published RPI figure)



10.   Moving Premises

If you are moving to a new address, we will do our best to arrange the transfer of your line whilst retaining your existing telephone number. However, you accept that we may not always be able to do so and we are not liable to you if we cannot and you accept that there may be interruptions to your service in some circumstances. You accept that if you move to new premises and wish to continue to receive the Services at your new address you may incur an additional Change of Address Fee. You accept that if you move to new premises then your contract will be renewed and a new Minimum Term will begin.

If you move to a new address and want to access the Services at your new address you may need to set up new accounts for that location by calling Customer Services. You will have to provide us with what we regard as suitable proof of your new address and a suitable time period in which to start these services. If you do not provide this information we will not be able to terminate your existing account and you will be liable for any charges that remain due in respect of the remainder of the term for the particular Service (for example, the remainder of the Minimum Period for the Broadband Service).


11.   Specific Provisions Relating to the Broadband Service

The Broadband Service is available as a separate Service, you do not have to take our UK Calls Service in order to sign up to our Broadband Service. The Broadband Service does not include any line service. If you use another provider for these services, you must continue paying the other provider.

In order to provide you with the Broadband Service, we need to test your telephone line to ensure that broadband is available in your area. You are responsible for paying for any work that needs to be carried out on your telephone line in order to receive broadband. When we activate your Broadband Service you accept that there may be a temporary loss of service on your line. We will try to minimise the duration of this loss of service and will check before activating your service to make sure you are not making a voice call on the line at the time we activate your Broadband Service.

Big Broadband Warehouse broadband coverage and speed is dependant on various factors including OpenReach network, distance from the cabinet and the exchange equipment capability

Note: Upon verification of your order should your local exchange equipment not be fully upgraded to receive our broadband service we will be able to offer an alternative broadband which may incur an increased monthly charge.  Should this be the case one of our team members will contact before processing you order and confirm all correct monthly charges.


12.   Transferring or Terminating your Broadband Service

You will need to obtain a Migration Authorisation Code (“MAC") from your current broadband provider in order to move to some of our Broadband Services. This MAC will be valid only for a limited period and can only be used once. If you wish to move from our broadband service to another broadband provider you may also need a MAC code which you must request from Customer Services.  For further details about MAC's or of these charges please call Customer Services or visit our Website.

If you terminate your Broadband Service prior to the end of the Minimum Period you must pay us all charges relating to terminating your services based on closing your service earlier than the minimum term. The same applies if your telephone line is disconnected prior to the end of your minimum term.


13.   Transmission Speeds

We will try to give you the 'download' Transmission Speed that you have signed up for but, due to the limitations of current broadband technology, we cannot guarantee that you will always be able to get these Transmission Speeds. If we cannot provide you with the Transmission Speed you have signed up for, we will give you the next available lower Transmission Speed. The Transmission Speed may also change if you move premises because broadband speeds are dependent on your proximity to your local telephone exchange. You accept that 'upload' speeds will always be slower than 'download' speeds. We will provide you with further details of these upon request.


14.   Broadband Hardware

To be able to receive and use the Broadband Service you will need an existing telephone line and a personal computer (“PC") of minimum specification. Please speak to Customer Services for further details of the minimum PC specification that is required. You will also need compatible cables and extension leads between your PC, Router and telephone socket.  You accept you may need to modify or configure your PC slightly to make it operate with the Broadband Service. It is your responsibility to ensure that such modifications do not invalidate the terms of any warranty that you may have concerning your PC. We will not be liable if any such warranty has been invalidated as a result of work carried out by you, us or our agents (including BT) to make your PC operate with the Broadband Service, except in the event of our negligence.  We will only support broadband service when the router is plugged into the master socket in your premises. 


15.   Router

If when you order an applicable Service you purchase a Router from us or we otherwise agree to supply one to you without charge with the Service, we will try to ensure sure that the Router is delivered to your home before the Service is activated. However we cannot guarantee that you will receive the Router in time. Please note, for environmental reasons, any Router that we agree to supply without charge may be a Router in 'as new' condition. This will be a Router that has been refurbished and/or repackaged, but it will look and operate in exactly the same way as a new Router.

You must inspect the Router as soon as you receive it and tell us of any damaged or missing items within seven (7) days by calling Customer Services. We will then send you a new Router, but if we do this you must also return the faulty one to us in accordance with the clauses below. We will also repair or replace the Router if it becomes faulty during the first six (6) months after we supply it to you, but we will not replace any faulty Router if you are responsible for the fault (including without limitation as a result of your failure to follow the manufacturer's instructions or your mis-use or alteration of the Router without our approval). In that case you must pay for a new Router in order to receive the applicable Service.

If we send a replacement Router, you must return to us the faulty Router (including all cables and software that came with it) within fourteen (14) days of receipt of the replacement Router. You accept that we will charge you for the replacement Router if you do not return the faulty Router (including all cables and software that came with it). You must keep the original box and packaging for the Router in good condition and ensure that the Router is stored in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations. We will refund the reasonable cost of returning the faulty Router to us by post. At your request we will send you a pre-paid returns envelope to return a faulty Router to us.

If you wish to use a Router or any other equipment that we have not supplied, we will try and help you as far as we can. However we cannot guarantee that the applicable Service will work with that Router or equipment.

If prior to the Commencement Date you cancel your Order for the applicable Service in accordance with the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000 and we have supplied you with a Router without charge, or if at any time your purchase a Router from us over the phone or from our Website and in accordance with the same regulations you cancel your contract for the purchase of that Router by giving us notice within the period of seven working days starting from the day after you receive the Router from us, you must: (i) first obtain a Return Authorisation Number from Big Broadband Warehouse by calling our customer service Department, the contact number can be found on any of your telephone bills from us and (ii) return the Router to us undamaged and in its original packaging, together with your RAN and proof of purchase, by sending it special delivery to Big Broadband Warehouse Returns PO Box 3214, Romford, RM3 3DJ.. If you have purchased the Router from us, we will issue you with a cheque refund within thirty (30) days of receiving the returned Router from you. This refund will only apply to the purchase price of the Router; we will not refund the cost of returning it to us unless it is faulty.

If you return the Router to us in accordance with these clauses and have either failed to take reasonable care of the Router while it remained in your possession or you fail to return all the relevant cables and appropriate ancillary equipment or software supplied to you with the Router, we shall be entitled to debit your account (using the details that you provided to us with your Order) for the full replacement cost of such Router. To take reasonable care of the Router you shall retain and keep the original box and packaging for the Router in good condition and shall ensure that the Router is stored in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations.


16.   Equipment

Other than a router (which we may sell to Customers of our Broadband Service), we will not provide you with any equipment (such as a telephone).  We are not responsible for any problems you may have with equipment which we have not provided to you. We do not offer any maintenance services for such equipment.

You agree not to connect any equipment to our network or service that may harm it or other customers’ equipment. If you do, you must disconnect it immediately, or allow us to do so at your expense.

Where we supply Equipment, any specified delivery date shall be treated as an estimate only. We accept no liability for failure to meet any delivery date.  All equipment supplied by Big Broadband Warehouse remains the property of Big Broadband Warehouse until paid for in full.  Where the equipment is supplied with a contract then goods will remain the property of Big Broadband Warehouse until the contract term completes unless otherwise stated.  All warranty claims should be made to the equipment manufacturer.


17.   Allocation and use of e-mail addresses and mailbox/storage

You accept that you do not own any e-mail addresses that we have given to you. You also accept there may be good reasons why sometimes we may need to change the e-mail addresses.

To prevent 'spam' from affecting the operation of our systems and the Broadband Service, we may need to block access to or delivery of any email which appears to be of an unsolicited nature and/or part of a bulk e-mail transmission. We may also use virus screening technology that may result in the deletion or alteration of e-mail and or e-mail attachments. We expect this software to be fully effective but we cannot guarantee that it will always protect you from unsolicited emails or any virus, worm, Trojan horse or similar. We therefore recommend that you install your own anti-virus software.

Where we provide you with email facilities, web hosting or other services that involve us providing storage space on our systems, we may impose limits (which we may vary from time to time) on the storage space we provide to you in order to ensure the quality of the service to you and other users. These limits may relate to the physical amount of web space or the number of mailboxes made available to you, email messages that can be stored and/or the size of any attachments you can send. We may reject or delete material that exceeds the relevant limit. We may also: (a) block receipt of emails to; and/or (b) archive or delete emails and/or attachments from, mailbox accounts which have not been used by you for a reasonable period of time.



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